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Interfaces - Part 1

If problems develop in the interfaces between Millennium and your other electronic systems, critical patient information might not get where it needs to go. Softek Panther gives you visibility into what’s traveling – or not – through your interfaces. Attend part 1 of our two-part webinar on interface management for answers to the following questions: 1) How long ago did an interface receive a transaction or message? 2) How many transactions are queued or backed up in the interface? 3) How many orphaned messages are there for an interface? 4) How do you view just the interfaces that are important to you? 5) Can you be alerted when there’s a backlog of transactions or a stuck transaction? 6) How do you cycle interfaces? 7) What does it mean when an interface is skipped or blacklisted? 8) How can you compare configurations of interfaces, MDIs and ESI comm servers?

Panther Management Tools

Whenever you refresh domains, update code or even upgrade the entire Millennium system, your changes can disrupt the connection between Softek Panther and Millennium. With Panther’s management tools, you can restore connections as soon as possible and eliminate system problems that arise along the way. The tools of Topology Management, Panther Management, and Sensor History simplify the job of domain management, identify connectivity issues between Panther and Millennium, and show you the automatic management Panther is performing. Attend our August webinar to learn how to 1) use Topology Management to repair domains, 2) use Panther Management to suspend domains and set up monitoring and alerting, and 3) set custom searches for Sensor History, change the sorting and define who is allowed to see Sensor History.