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Panther Controls Courses


Tablespace Projection Control

The Tablespace Projection control allows you to see data previously collected by Panther regarding the amount of space used by and allocated to Oracle® tablespaces.

Current Events Control

The Current Events control provides a view of ongoing events Panther has detected within a domain.

Interfaces Control

The Interfaces control is used to monitor the interface processes that run on the back end. Interfaces are domain specific in Panther.

ESI Logs Control

The ESI Logs control is used to view External Service Inbound (ESI) log entries in the database.

HL7 Loader Control

The HL7 Loader control provides access to read HL7 messages.

Oracle Query Control

The Oracle Query control gives users access to issue queries against the Oracle® instance defined in Foreign System Setup for the domain.

Configurations Control

The Configurations control is used to manage the configurations of server processes that run on the application nodes.

Charge Integrity Control

The Charge Integrity control shows the recent orders and charges in Millennium and helps to ensure that orders result in charges. This control does not make any modifications to the data in Millennium and does not interact with the billing system.

Servers Control

The Servers control is used to manage the server processes that run on the back end.

Services Control

The Services control shows a list of all currently registered services. This view provides information such as current connections and messages.


Alerts, sensor setup, notifications, proactive response vs. reactive response and certification summary.