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EMR Performance Suite Courses


Introduction to Panther

Continual change introduced into the system increases the risk of instability.

Customize Panther

Configure desktops that allow you to have multiple controls displayed in the application workspace. Create custom filters and views so you can see only the information that is important to you.

Panther Management

Learn to manage suspensions of domains, nodes, notifications, and proactive actions.

Topology Management

Learn to manage the Cerner Millennium® domains that exist within Panther by adding and repairing domains.

Audit Logs Control

The Audit Log shows an electronic audit trail of user interactions with the system. All interactions with IBM WebSphere® MQ, Millennium Server Control, Panther Management, and Open Engine are audited. Any login attempts are recorded and Panther User Management privilege changes.

Panther Reports

The Management Reports document high-level metrics concerning the availability of important areas within Cerner Millennium® system. This documentation is offered with both Summary and Event Analysis reports to make identifying trending data easier.

Tablespace Projection Control

The Tablespace Projection control allows you to see data previously collected by Panther regarding the amount of space used by and allocated to Oracle® tablespaces.

Current Events

The Current Events control provides a view of ongoing events Panther has detected within a domain.

Understanding IBM MQ

IBM WebSphere MQ, which is often referred to simply as "MQ" by users, is IBM's Message Oriented Middleware offering. This course covers the architecture of IBM MQ.

Queues Control

The Queues control is used to manage and monitor the message queues used by the Cerner Millennium system.

Message Logs

The Message Logs control is used to view Message Logs written to by each server. The Favorite Logs control provides a node-independent view of Message Logs and a quick way to access commonly reviewed logs together. In this course, you will learn why message logs are important, how they’re created, where to find them, what they contain and how they behave.

Foreign System Setup

The Oracle® Connection Setup allows you to configure the connection string used by Panther to access the Oracle® database on a per-domain basis. Node Connection Setup allows you to configure the credentials used to connect to a domain's nodes in order to access their RTMS timer data.


The Interfaces control is used to monitor the interface processes that run on the back end. Interfaces are domain-specific in Panther. The ESI Logs control is used to view External Service Inbound (ESI) log entries in the database. The HL7 Loader control provides access to read HL7 messages.

Cycle Groups and Cycle Schedules

The Cycle Groups control allows you to define cycling settings for multiple servers at one time to be used whenever that group of servers needs to be cycled. The Cycle Schedules control gives users access to Automated Cycle Schedules. From this page, a user can create, remove, modify, copy, or enable/disable cycle schedules.

Oracle Query Control

The Oracle Query control gives users access to issue queries against the Oracle® instance defined in Foreign System Setup for the domain.

iBus Logs Control

The iBus Logs control gives users access to view log files stored on iBus servers defined in Foreign System Setup for the domain.

Configurations Control

The Configurations control is used to manage the configurations of server processes that run on the application nodes.

Servers Control

The Servers control is used to manage the server processes that run on the back end.

Services Control

The Services control shows a list of all currently registered services. This view provides information such as current connections and messages.

Sensor Setup

Alerts, sensor setup, notifications, proactive response vs. reactive response and certification summary.

Action History Control

The Action History control shows all actions on the system. Actions are either IBM MQ Message Replay actions or Server Cycler actions.

Notification History Control

The Notification History control shows all notifications sent by Panther.

Discovery Audit

Create an action plan for triaged issues, coordinate or take action, validate and compare Discovery Audit reports. Also, learn how to use Section 5 of the Discovery Audit to troubleshoot application issues.


Day One goals and objectives, understanding the Panther Management Reports, understanding the Discovery Audit structure and how to triage a Millennium© system with a Discovery Audit.

UP Dashboard

When there is an issue, the UP Dashboard tells you where to start looking first so you don’t waste time checking things that are functioning normally.

Panther Mobile Apps

How to use the three Panther mobile apps - Cycler, Events, and reQueuer.