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General Panther Usage Courses


Install Panther on Your Computer

Learn how to download and install the Panther client on your computer.

Panther Mobile Apps

How to use the three Panther mobile apps - Cycler, Events, and reQueuer.

Sign up for Panther Support

You can contact Softek Panther Support at by creating a new "point." A support engineer can be reached at (913) 981-5234 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Central Time, Monday through Friday (excluding most U. S. Federal holidays).

Navigate Within Panther

Panther uses a menu bar for tasks that relate to all of Panther. This section also includes functions that are used in multiple Panther controls.

Introduction to Softek Panther

Continual change introduced into the system increases the risk of instability.


Day One goals and objectives, understanding the Panther Management Reports, understanding the Discovery Audit structure and how to triage a Millennium© system with a Discovery Audit.

Notification History Control

The Notification History control shows all notifications sent by Panther.

Create Custom Views in Panther Controls

Learn to create custom views in Panther so you can see only the information that is important to you.

Create Custom Filters in Panther Controls

Learn to create custom filters in Panther controls.

Configure Desktops

Desktops allow you to have multiple controls displayed in the application workspace.

Manage Email Preferences

Learn to establish user's email and pager addresses for alerts and notifications.

Panther Privilege Management

Learn to define what Panther components users have access to by granting and denying privileges for users and groups.

Topology Management

Learn to manage the Cerner Millennium® domains that exist within Panther by adding and repairing domains.

Panther Management

Learn to manage suspensions of domains, nodes, notifications, and proactive actions.

Foreign System Setup

The Oracle® Connection Setup allows you to configure the connection string used by Panther to access the Oracle® database on a per-domain basis. Node Connection Setup allows you to configure the credentials used to connect to a domain's nodes in order to access their RTMS timer data.

Audit Logs Control

The Audit Log shows an electronic audit trail of user interactions with the system. All interactions with IBM WebSphere® MQ, Millennium Server Control, Panther Management, and Open Engine are audited. Any login attempts are recorded and Panther User Management privilege changes.

Action History Control

The Action History control shows all actions on the system. Actions are either IBM MQ Message Replay actions or Server Cycler actions.